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ADHD Entrepreneurs

Let's focus together and get the RIGHT stuff done.

Image by Chris Montgomery

If you're a business owner with ADHD and you're struggling with prioritizing your day, managing distractions, and getting organized, you're not alone.


You KNOW your business could be growing faster if you focused more on the details or if you sat down and actually did that thing you've been putting off. I call that swallowing the frog.

Your to-do list is growing. You could be making a ton more money... if you just sat down and focused on the right things.

I get it. I have ADHD, too. It's a blessing and a curse.

You know what helped me? A group. Coaching. Strategy calls. Focus times. People staring at me while I swallow the frog (ie. do that thing I keep putting off). 

Prioritizing with people helped me focus on the right things to do in my business, not just the fun things. My business tripled in revenue and quadrupled in profit.

If you think prioritizing with people will help you, too, then join us in ADHD Entrepreneurs!

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Every Monday through Friday, we optimize our days by running through a daily prioritization exercise for 10 minutes.

Twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays, we "swallow the frog" together, so you can do that thing you've been putting off. 

Once a week, we meet for one hour of business coaching focused on growth, profit, and scaling an online business, so bring your challenges to the group. 

On Fridays, we hyper-focus together. It's time to get silent and get stuff done in tandem. You share what you're focusing on, make a goal for the hour and a half, and then focus. We all stay on mute, but the chat is open.

Your business needs your focused time. Let's give it the time it needs to grow.

BUT WAIT! You can try it out for 7 days FREE first. I want to make sure this will work for you. If it doesn't, then cancel at any time during the 7-day FREE TRIAL.


Let's TRANSFORM your business into a GROWTH MACHINE.

Get time back to FOCUS on growing your business

Commit to daily priorities in a group of entrepreneurs

Gather to swallow the frog and hyper-focus TOGETHER

Get weekly business coaching with other ADHD entrepreneurs

"These meetings completely transformed my business. I've been more focused, gotten more important revenue-driven stuff done in one week than the last 3 months. I wish you all the success in this initiative. It's incredible."
- O.P., Member, Massachusetts


"I've never been as motivated to get stuff done as I am now. Thank God for this group!"

- H.Z., Member, Virginia

"So quickly, I can't imagine running my business without prioritizing my day with you all. My business is finally growing."

- M.C., Member, South Carolina

The next 15 members get 51% off each month for their first 6 months using the coupon code "FOUNDER51"!!!

Are you ready to commit? 

Let's do this.

Start your 7-day FREE TRIAL.


Try it out on me! If you don't like it, cancel within the free trial period. No risk. No worries.

If you're game, click the button above. It'll take you through to a check-out page where you'll make a membership to the website and buy the ADHD Entrepreneurs monthly package for $997 per month.

I'll then invite you to my morning Zoom meetings. We meet Monday through Friday during the year, except when I'm on vacation.

(I take 8 weeks of vacations and holidays AND YOU SHOULD, TOO!) Grow your business, so you can take those weeks off, too. ;)

p.s. I come after working out with my hair wet and my coffee iced. I expect you to come dressed to prioritize your tasks for the day. That's it! 

Screen Shot 2022-07-15 at 3.22.47 PM.png

Use the coupon code "FOUNDER51" to get 51% off your membership for your first 6 months.

Are you ready to commit? 

Let's do this.

Start your risk-free 7-day FREE TRIAL.


Try it out on me! If you don't like it, cancel. No risk. No worries.

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