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BETA: Get a New Full-Time Job Coaching (Coaching, Recordings, and Materials)

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Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Our Get a New Full-Time Job Coaching Program equips you with the essential skills and strategies to thrive in today’s competitive job market. Whether you’re a recent graduate, a career changer, or someone seeking that next professional opportunity, this program is tailored to your unique journey. What you’ll gain: 1. Find the Right Job Opportunities - Uncover your true calling by aligning your personality traits, skills, and passions with job opportunities that resonate. - Learn effective research techniques to identify roles that match your aspirations. 2. AI-Proof Resume and Cover Letter - Craft a standout resume and cover letter that not only impress human recruiters but also navigate automated systems. - Understand the nuances of keyword optimization and formatting. 3. Clean Up Your Social Media - Curate a professional online presence (so you're not passed over). - Leverage platforms like LinkedIn. 4. Network Without Desperation - Discover authentic ways to build meaningful relationships. - Master the art of informational interviews, virtual networking events, and maintaining connections. 5. Interview Like a Boss - Nail your interviews with confidence. We’ll cover behavioral questions, case studies, and situational scenarios. - Practice mock interviews to refine your responses and body language. 6. Negotiate Your Salary Offer - Learn negotiation tactics to secure the compensation you deserve. - Understand market rates, benefits, and how to advocate for yourself. 7. First 90 Days on the Job - Transition smoothly into your new role. We’ll guide you through the critical initial phase. - Develop a personalized onboarding plan, build relationships with colleagues, and exceed expectations. 8. Freeform Coaching Sessions - Dive deep into any topic, from imposter syndrome to time management. - Access recorded coaching sessions. Ready to unlock your full potential? Enroll in this coaching program today!

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