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BETA: The Promotion Handbook

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This is a BETA test for The Promotion Handbook Course. In the beta, we will provide: - 13 recorded classes to get you from where you are now to a better job (and a raise!) - A group to ask your questions and get some answers The thirteen classes and worksheets will help you build your reputation at work, build proof to get you to your next role and get clarity around your career as a whole. The 13 lessons are: 1. Plot Your Promotions 2. Your Promotion Strategy 3. Be Excellent Out Loud 4. Network to Help 5. Identify the Right Projects and People 6. Plant the Seed 7. Communicating Professionally 8. Who Do You Want To Be? 9. Prove You Can Do The Job 10. Build Your Resume and Cover Letter 11. Interview Like a Boss 12. Negotiate Your Salary 13. Your First 90 Days in the New Role We're excited to help you progress in your career! This course takes you through the exact steps that have helped hundreds of people get promoted, get new jobs, and negotiate their new salaries confidently (and successfully!). As part of this beta, we ask you to: - Give us feedback on each video and lesson, including telling us what resources would help you most - Give us feedback on the course as a whole once every three classes - [Optional] Send us a video testimonial if you'd like a FREE 1:1 coaching session Join us today!

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