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Becoming a Saver: From Budgeting Basics to Financial Mastery

Welcome to our video-based course called Becoming a Saver. We're happy you're here.


Becoming a Saver teaches you the skills you need to live free from financial worry or financial stress. Catherine Van Der Laan's worked as a Financial Coach with individuals in their early 20s to individuals in their 70s and every decade in between. She's brought couples from "buying a house someday" to "buying a house in 4 months." She's helped single moms go from paycheck-to-paycheck to buying a home and saving for kids' college, while making a large contribution to retirement. 


Take this course if you're looking to:

  • Get out of debt for good

  • Be confident in your financial future

  • Live without financial worry or stress

  • Earn more, save more, and give more

  • Stop living paycheck-to-paycheck

  • Help your parents in their older age

  • Save for your children's future

  • Retire well


Each of the 10 units contains a few short videos that guide you through various topics. We pack some quick diagnostics and homework along a guided path, so you know what you need to do for your situation. Then sit back and breathe. We've got your back. 

The two videos below tell you more about Saver Street and exactly what you can expect in each unit in this course.

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Saver Street's Why

Saver Street's why is YOU. You shouldn't have to feel burdened, stressed, anxious. Our why is you. Put a framework around your money, learn how to get out of debt, and live free knowing that your money is on the right track.

Earn more, save more, and give more with Saver Street.

Becoming a Saver Course Overview

Becoming a Saver breaks down everything you need to be financially successful into 11 short units. Each unit has 5-13 videos, with each video about 5 minutes long.

We give you a financial framework that will help you through life, and dive into exactly how you can tackle each step. We keep it simple, so anyone can learn how to live a life free from financial stress. Learn more in the video!

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