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BONUS LESSON: How to Get a Lien Removed From Your Property

If you have a lien against your property, this video is for you!

Watch the video to find out:

  • What is a lien and how does a lien work?

  • How do you find the lien and all the information you need to clear it?

  • What are your options for clearing a lien from your property?

  • How do you remove a lien from your property?

  • How do you make sure to never get a lien on your property again?

At the very end, you'll be invited to a FREE strategy call with me, Catherine Van Der Laan, financial coach. It's not a sales call; it's a strategy call to help you with your personal finances.

Click the link above to book your FREE financial coaching strategy call.

We're here to help you.
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