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Student loan payoff calculator

Slash years off of your loan repayment schedule and keep the funds you need to invest in your future. Use our student loan calculator to discover the strategies that will help you repay your debt quickly.

How it works

Calculate what you can afford to put towards your student loans.

  • List all creditors you owe loans to.

  • Put in the balance, interest rate, and minimum payment for each. 

  • Determine how much you'll be paying per month (this could just be the minimum payment)

When you're done following these simple steps, your path to paying off loans will become clear. You'll know how long it takes to pay them off and get on track with debt-free living!


Breaking the cycle of debt is possible. I can help you do it.

If you're struggling with debt, Catherine Van Der Laan can help. Drawing on her neuropsychology degree, she takes a compassionate and individualized approach, helping each client identify their unique obstacles and develop a plan to overcome them.

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