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Outreach can be easy and effective.

Get access to Church Outreach-in-a-Box for FREE.

Reach your community for Jesus. 

Train your volunteers to make real, lasting connections.

Access all your promotional materials in the online guide.

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Church Outreach-in-a-Box is an easy and effective outreach program that follows the missionary outreach model.

Watch the video if you want the FULL explanation. 


Church Outreach-in-a-Box is a group of easy, preset courses and workshops that enable you to reach your community and introduce them to Jesus. The entire goal is to introduce as many people as possible to God in a kind, thoughtful, and gentle way. 


Church Outreach-in-a-Box uses the Missionary Outreach Model.


The Missionary Outreach Model.png

The missionary outreach model simply follows God’s design for reaching each community in a relational and loving way. That means you’re helping your community with a basic need to show them you care.


While providing tangible help, your church will share the good news of Jesus Christ with short, specific personal testimonies and give your community an opportunity to hear from God Himself through prayer. After all, that’s what Jesus did.


Right now, you’re about to use the missionary outreach model by putting on this course for your community, sharing 5-minute testimonies at the end of each class, and inviting people to one-on-one conversations or prayer.

The Missionary Outreach Model Applied.png

Church Outreach-in-a-Box makes it easy for you to reach your community for Jesus by taking the hard parts out of outreach. This program includes:

  • A full financial literacy course with videos and workshop guides

  • A testimony and evangelistic conversations training workshop guide with videos

  • A comprehensive facilitator's guide in print and online with video

  • A customizable promotion schedule (add your start date and it auto-populates your suggested schedule)

  • Flyer templates

  • Pulpit announcement drafts

  • Social media drafts and images 

  • Email drafts for promotion, registration, volunteer calls, and follow-up

  • Volunteer roles and responsibilities outlined

  • The course notes and an answer key

  • A contact to help you get it all set up at your church

If I use Church Outreach-in-a-Box, what would that look like?

There are effectively two programs that you're running through Church Outreach-in-a-Box:

  1. Volunteer gathering and training in effective evangelism

  2. Program for the community

Let's go through a timeline to make sure you know what you're getting into. 

OiaB Box Contact
Financial Abundance Facilitator’s Guide for Amazon Printing 8.5x11 (1).png

Don't let this timeline intimidate you. 

You're really only signing up and training volunteers and signing up people for a course and holding the course. Then you're sending one email to your attendees to check in. 

All the emails, slides, announcements, registration form, course videos, etc. are included and available for you!

My entire goal is to facilitate effective evangelism within our local communities. 

  • What's the difference between Financial Abundance and FPU?
    Great question. Financial Abundance and FPU are wildly different programs that contain a similar financial literacy component. Both programs contain similar financial literacy components like budgeting, insurance, saving and investing, and relating with money. Financial Abundance focuses much more on getting down to the beliefs, behaviors, and values level. The Financial Abundance course is shorter - only 7 weeks - and addresses how to talk with your spouse about money and how to teach your kids about money from a developmental point of view.
  • Is the box really free?
    Yes! We are committed to giving each Jesus-loving, Bible-believing, Bible-preaching church a box. It's completely free of charge. Please don't throw it out. The boxes cost us about $35 + shipping, so please take care of it and use it well. Thank you!
  • Is this a "bait-and-switch" program? Will it make my church look bad?
    No. This is not a "bait-and-switch" program and it will not make your church look bad. A "bait-and-switch" is when you don't tell someone what will happen and you do something contrary to their expectations. In this program, you, your congregation, and your facilitator will tell anyone who is interested in or is attending the program that the last 5 minutes of the class will include a personal story from someone in the congregation of the church. Please mention that that story will likely include what God has done in their lives and an invitation to pray. The facilitator is trained to tell attendees that they can leave before and during the last 5 minutes of class if they are uncomfortable. Most people will not leave. As long as the people who sign up for the program know that there will be a 5-minute personal story, it's not a bait-and-switch and will not make your church look bad.
  • How do you make money from this?
    We don't make much money from this. The only way we make money is from the sale of the books: workbooks and facilitator's guides. Our goal is to equip the church to make new and lasting relationships with people in their communities, so those people can warm up and make a decision to follow Jesus with their lives. At the moment, we're operating at a loss on this project. That's okay for right now.
  • Is the Financial Abundance program a quality program?
    Yes. The Financial Abundance program was recorded professionally at a church in Belmont, MA and edited professionally as well. Catherine Van Der Laan created the course herself. She has 10+ years of experience creating educational material in video, live, and in print. She holds two certifications in financial literacy education, CFEI and CFLP, has a degree in neuropsychology, and has worked with over 400 individuals and couples in financial coaching. Catherine took two years to develop and test this course before including it in Church Outreach-in-a-Box. But don't take my word for it! Come and see. 😊 If you order the box, you'll get a print workbook and a print facilitator's guide so you can see the print quality. If you access the online facilitator's guide, you can watch the course videos in their entirety.
  • What other programs are available? What is coming next?
    Right now, our flagship Financial Abundance program is available within Church Outreach-in-a-Box. The next programs will be: - Get a New Full-Time Job: Career Development - Eldercare and Its Decision Points - Nutrition 101 If you have any other ideas, let me know.
  • How can I access the Online Facilitator's Guide?
    You can access it using this link here: It's free to access.
  • Are the workbooks required for attendees?
    No and yes. Let me explain. No, technically they are not required in order to attend the course. That said, in order to complete the activities and workshops within the course, it would be very helpful for each attendee to have a workbook. It's hard to take a quiz if you can't see the quiz. It's hard to do an activity if you can't read the instructions. I suggest doing one of two things: You can have a free-to-register course and link everyone to the Amazon page for buying the workbook, which is around $40 or You can charge everyone $40 (or more) for the course at registration and order the workbooks for people. I suggest the second option. It feels better for people to pay for a course and get a book with it than to pay for a book for a "free" course. They're much more likely to show up, too. If you'd like to buy in bulk, let me know. I can ship books out to you in bulk.

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