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Money and Marriage

Online Course

Here’s the bottom line: You’re here because you want to get on the same financial page as your spouse. Right now, you two don't see eye-to-eye on money matters, but you want to. You know you can tackle your finances together, you just need to know how.

It's possible. You can talk about money and even have fun making a budget together! I've seen it happen over and over again.

Money and Marriage was created after helping hundreds of couples learn to manage their money together. We use real examples from real people in this course. Get a jump start to successful communication and cooperation by taking this course.

In 10 short lessons across 5 weeks, Money and Marriage will take you from money fights to a fully formed plan you create together. You'll learn each other's strengths and weaknesses, money and spending personalities, and love languages. You'll put a budget together... well, together. You will know when to communicate, what to communicate, and how to communicate about money. You'll also get practice, and lots of it! You'll also get downloads to take with you, so you can use them when you need to.

You've dreamed of being on the same financial page. Now you can.

Money and Marriage contains:

  • 10 short video lessons

  • 10 online activities

  • 10 guided discussions

  • 5 group coaching sessions with a financial coach

  • 20+ downloads, so you can carry this learning forward

Make your dream a reality. Prioritize your marriage and your money. We can guide you to better way.

Check out The course Preview below


Welcome to Money and Marriage! This course is designed to jump-start your money conversations, so you can be calm and confident communicators together. This is the exact same process we use with our married financial coaching clients.

Are you ready to start?

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