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You Don’t Have to Keep Up

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

You all see the highlight reels on social media:

  • That new car they just bought.

  • The fun family trip they just went on.

  • Those amazing family pictures they just took.

  • The new, huge house they just bought.

  • Those new matching clothes they always seem to have.

I refuse to let someone else’s social media presence persuade me into believing that I should be living life differently than I am.

I know we’re on the right path. I know new cars and huge houses don’t necessarily mean success. Now, when I see them, I think of the higher taxes and insurance costs. I realize that living within OUR means and being content with what we have is sexy to my husband.

We live a simple, lovely life. Our kids are happy, curious, and charming. Our marriage is as strong as ever. I love our life.

You don’t need more. You don’t need to live larger than life or beyond your means.

Let’s get back to the basics together and live what matters.


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