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Master your money.
Master your career.

Create and follow a plan for your personal finances.

Land a new job.

Negotiate your salary.

Become a leader people want to follow.

1-on-1 Financial Coaching


Our clients save an average of $1483 per month by changing their spending behaviors



1-on-1 Career Coaching

Feel confident in your next career moves



Unlimited Group Coaching

Join any of our group programs. Each session begins with a 20-30 minute workshop and then opens up to freeform group coaching in the remaining time.


Debt pay-off strategy guide

Get out of debt in 3 simple steps.



Negotiate Your Salary

Guaranteed to at least make up the cost or your money back.

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Is coaching right for you?

Get to the life you want to live


Personal finances are personal.

You're probably working through a situation that's different from everyone else's. We get it. 

Your life is complicated and might feel overwhelming. 

Let's figure it out together.

We've worked with many different life situations. A few of those situations are listed here.


We have worked through:

  • Solidifying maternity leave and paternity leave finances and plans with federal, state, corporate, and no plans

  • Figuring out pension plan numbers, retirement savings rates, and retirement budgets

  • Deciding whether to leave a pensioned job or not and the price point needed to leave

  • Buying an ADU as an investment vs. investing in the market

  • Transitioning to retirement from full-time employment

  • Overcoming money anxiety in parallel with a client's therapist

  • Building systems for couples to manage money together

  • Paying off large amounts ($100k+) of high-interest debt

  • Transitioning from a full-time, benefited job to self-employment 

  • Changing industries to align with passions and values

  • Budgeting as a business owner or multi-business owner

  • Saving up to buy a first home and then a second home

  • Building a new service-based business from the ground up 

  • Moving out of the country and figuring out how to budget in a new country

  • Negotiating higher pay in current roles, new jobs, and promotions (guaranteed program)

  • Moving from one state to another with and without selling and buying houses

  • Cash flowing college educations

  • Paying off primary and secondary homes

  • Expanding businesses from solopreneur to employing a team


Breaking a spending cycle is possible. We can help you do it.

If you're struggling with budgeting or making big financial decisions, Catherine Van Der Laan can help. Drawing on her neuropsychology degree and a host of experience, she takes a compassionate and individualized approach, helping each client identify their unique obstacles and develop a plan to overcome them.

Book a free consultation to see if any of our services are right for you. If they aren't, we'll let you know. We are dedicated to doing the right thing for everyone we meet. 

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