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Have Fun While Saving or Paying Off Debt

If you want to clean up your financial life, live with less stress, and get a plan together for your future, then you're likely either saving money or paying off debt right now. Maybe both.

You're in good company. Thousands of people in the United States are paying off their credit cards, saving money, investing for their futures, trying to retire early, and living their money plans.

You could go all in and forget to have fun.


You could go all in and still have a TON of fun while getting out of debt and saving enough to retire early.

Dave Ramsey says often, "The only way you should see the inside of a restaurant while getting out of debt is if you're WORKING there."

I don't believe that. It comes down to priorities and avoiding burnout. It's about your mental health and balance.

If it'll take you less than a year to get out of debt, then maybe avoid restaurants. If it'll take you longer, then let's find some better balance.

If you're married, create a date night budget, so you can continue to prioritize your marriage. Date nights can be picnics in the park and other lower-cost dates, but they should definitely be fun.

If you're single, make sure you have room in your budget to see your friends. I learned that one the hard way. Keep your friendships. Be honest about your financial limits with your friends.

For more on this, listen to my podcast Living a Budget. I go into how to have fun while staying on a budget.


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