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The Financial System is Rigged Against You

The financial system in the United States is not set up for normal people to succeed. You are living in an extraordinary time.

78% of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck.

This system is designed so people have to work overtime or two jobs just to make ends meet.

This system is designed to get you to spend more and more money to look even more successful, so people think more highly of you.

This system will put you in a box it has designed for you. Who you are. What you deserve. What kind of house you live in, job you get, car you drive, etc.

This system is designed to keep you working, so CEOs can take trips to space.

What do you do when the system is rigged against you? How do you stand?

Stop playing their game.

They have power... take it BACK.

You have little ways and big ways to take your power back.

The way to get out of the system is to start thinking for yourself, do the work you don't want to do, and check every detail.

You're not STUCK. You don't have to be. There's always some way out.

Stop buying things because that's what other people like.

Listen to the rest at Living a Budget, my personal finance podcast.


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