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"I went from overwhelmed one year – to relaxed, present, healthy, and excited in the next; I can’t believe the difference looking back! "

-Ashley, Client

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Saver Street's Catherine Van Der Laan is a Christian financial coach and educator who uses her degree in neuropsychology to help clients break the behavior patterns holding them back from making the money moves they want to make. Catherine focuses on value-based budgeting, faith and money, defeating debt, and increasing income, so her clients can become savers and SAVE more money. Catherine is also a Certified Financial Education Instructor℠ and Certified Financial Literacy Professional℠ and is dedicated to increasing financial literacy in her community.


Debt pay-off strategy guide

3 powerful ways to pay off debt quickly


The best time usually feels like the wrong time

Those topics bring out beliefs about ourselves that we don't even know we believe. We work through those limited beliefs by assigning actionable strategies. I call it homework.

Changing what you believe and what you do is difficult. Walk with someone who's done it before, loves Jesus, and has your back. I'm here to help you.

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