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Servant Leadership: Humility is a Key Trait in Amazing Managers

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

I've worked for some selfish, quick-to-judge managers.

You know the kind. They walk out of a room with a mess behind them. They belittle employees until their team is all secretly applying for jobs elsewhere. They don't know why people won't show them some RESPECT.

I've also worked for generous, patient managers.

The kind of manager who helps you clean up after a fun meeting. The kind of manager who wants to see you succeed and won't rest until you've gotten to the next step in your career. I love that kind of manager.

They're humble, helpful, kind, and sharp. These managers know what's up, their way around a P&L, and their way around a social event. They genuinely care about the people who work for them and the people who work for their peers.

We call those amazing managers Servant Leaders.

Servant Leadership is a style of leadership that's picked up traction in the last few years... and for good reason. Servant leaders exude humility, care, and compassion. They have the other qualities of amazing leaders, too: intelligence, communication skills, and business intuition.

But servant leaders stand out. They stand out because they don't try to stand out. They stand out because their teams are the happiest teams (and usually most productive teams) at the company. They stand out because they're busy keeping everyone sane, willing, working, and thriving.

Servant leaders are the future.

Learn how you can start to be a servant leader (and be seen as a servant leader) in the Management Material podcast episode above.


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