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Using (and Destroying) the Affinity Bias at Work

We help people that we like. Period. End of story.

...well, not exactly end of story.

We all have biases. It's how our brains developed to keep us alive and well. Many of those default ways of thinking don't serve us anymore... if they ever really did.

One common bias is the Affinity Bias.

The affinity bias is the tendency to get along with people who are similar to us.

At work, that looks like this:

  1. Managers that hire teams that all look the same or have similar personalities.

  2. Being friendly with coworkers who have similar hobbies or went to the same college.

  3. Making friends with people in the same life situation as you.

Why is this a bad thing? What's the problem here?

On the flip side, how can you use this? And how can you make sure this doesn't affect your hiring decisions?

All of these questions are answered in the latest episode of our podcast, Management Material.


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